MHubThe MHub Fleet Telematics range is designed to address many of the operational challenges prevalent amongst commercial fleets. These include basis activity monitoring, reduction of operating costs and enhancing the management of the Supply Chain.

The MHub has been deployed around the globe across a variety of industries such as logistics, utilities, insurance, telecoms, public transport and emergency vehicles.

  • MHub 828

    The MHub828 is a Fleet Telematics unit, primarily suited to users with sophisticated Fleet Management requirements. The device boasts a wide array of functionalities including distribution management, vehicle maintenance and operation (real time fuel consumption, brake usage, remote vehicle fault diagnostics), comprehensive accident reconstruction, integration with optimisation tools and back office platforms as well as other mobile hardware devices such as PDA's.

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  • MHub 837 (self install)

    The MHub837 is an innovative telematics device specifically tailored for the Usage-Based Insurance market initiative. The unit can be either self-installed via a connection to the vehicle's OBD II port, or alternatively as a normal wired installation via a certified installer. The primary purpose of the device is to provide vehicle and driver activity information which can be utilized to assess levels of use and the risk associated with any given driver or vehicle, as well as offering alerting for emergency response. The information includes a wide variety of usage information including mileage (for pay-as-you-drive) and risk monitoring (hours of use, areas of use, driving style etc.), accident notification and reconstruction data, and a variety of consumer value-added services

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  • MHub 828 - Hybrid

    One of the challenges of GSM monitoring vehicles or assets that travel out of GSM service range is the "dead spots" in the trips and high cost of roaming when not on the host GSM network. Scope Technologies have developed a hybrid unit GSM/GPS unit with Iridium Satellite that automatically switches to GPS data transmission when GSM is out of range or in-country roaming has not been activated. Using Scope’s Least Cost Routing engine, the operator can maintain cost efficiency by limiting the satellite communications instances to high priority events in areas with no GSM coverage. This ensures basic tracking is always available while data costs are limited.

    The device otherwise has the same functionaly capability as the standard MHub 828 device

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  • MHub 828 Trailer

    The MHub 828T is a trailer tracking device suited to provide trailer owners and operators with real time tracking and utilisation information. Using the latest technologies, the MHub has the ability to intelligently switch between the two different states of either hitched or unhitched (charging or not charging). Subject to its detected state, the device automatically changes its operability from full functional ability to sleep mode. While in sleep mode, the device will report a position based on user defined reporting cycles. Running on its internal battery the device can maintain operability of up to one month.

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Each Mhub has the ability to have a multitude of accessories equip to them enabling them to perform at their optimum in both monitoring and communication. Thus creating the best solution for any situation or requirement.

MHub 828
Temperature Sensor Up to 4 Temperature monitoring sensors can be connected per Mhub 828. This offers real time temperature monitoring as well as alarming to temperature anomalies and maximum/minimums.
Driver Keys Driver identification for the Mhub 828 offers driver profiling and fleet recognition.
USB USB connectivity to the Mhub 828.
PDA/PND A versatile PDA with the Scope Mobile software offering a wide range of features, from temperature monitoring, driver based behaviour, business and private trip flagging, accelerometer data, and the MRM job integration with personal navigation.
Impact Sensor An impact sensor for accident detection can be equip to units without the accelerometer functionality.
Fuel Probe Fuel Probes for generator fuel monitoring, give updates on fuel levels and alerts to low fuel.
Fuel Flow Meter Flow meters outlining fuel consumption on Mhub 828's, relaying fuel usage data that can be link to consumption of vehicles and driver behaviour.
MDT Messaging 3rd party messaging devices used to communicate between the online application (Mzone) and the driver in vehicles
Voice Kit Hands free voice communication with the driver of a vehicle. Making communication with drivers simple and fast.
MHub 837
PDA/PND A versatile PDA with the Scope Mobile software offering a wide range of features, from temperature monitoring, driver based behaviour, business and private trip flagging, accelerometer data, and the MRM job integration with personal navigation.
The new Latvia offices will have a primary focus on development, operations and sales functions and will complement the company's existing offices and operations in South Africa, Singapore and Ireland. Scope is currently further expanding it's partner and client base that currently exists in over 40 countries around the world.  |  Scope Technologies further enhances its portfolio into China, announces a new hardware manufacturing facility. The facility is equipped to handle substantially large production volumes and is a result of the growth we continue to experience in different geographies including China.  |  British Petroleum selects Scope's technology solutions in Colombia to realize full benefits of Scope's integrated vehicle tracking, driver management and personnel safety monitoring applications. The project includes all vehicles assigned to field and operations.  |  Scope Technologies commences distribution and sale of its technology offerings into Malaysia with a strong local partner company. First sales have been made to 3 large local entities in Malaysia.  |  Jaya Ready Mix Indonesia chooses Scope solutions. The Scope products have been selected after an in depth evaluation process. The solution has been adopted to increase the fleet utilization and safety, and reduce operating costs.