Scope Technology Fleet solutions

Optimize your entire fleet while reducing maintenance and operational costs with Scope’s reliable and accurate telematics solutions for fleet operators.

Scope Technology provides advanced telematics solutions to help fleet operators significantly reduce fleet costs and run vehicles more efficiently through telematics technologies and fleet-focused ERP systems that offer:

  • cost analysis of wear and tear, driver time, idle time
  • proactive vehicle maintenance and cost management
  • driver behavior and route monitoring
  • workforce optimization
  • tracking and analyzing fleet factors including fuel and driver overtime

Scope’s advanced fleet telematics solutions provide comprehensive tracking, fuel management, asset management, work optimization and driver safety features for commercial fleet operators including vehicle rentals and leasing, commercial fleets, cold chain management, ready mix, bus operators and more.

Fleet Diagram


Managing a fleet requires advanced tools to keep tabs on each vehicle, driver, and their associated costs. Scope tracking solutions make fleet management more efficient by optimizing dispatch and providing detailed reports with tools and services including:

  • Complete trip data including route, time, location, driver ID
  • User-defined POI’s and categories, providing POI fleet and driver activity using rule-based operational flow monitoring
  • Comprehensive user adapted workspace with real time fleet and driver status
  • Dispatch optimization
  • Real time notifications of geolocation, significant events in conjunction with day/time, driver behavior

Business Intelligence

Scope sees the big picture of your fleet and enables optimization of every piece of the puzzle, from fuel consumption to maintenance, driver overtime, and more. Our business intelligence solutions enables fleet managers to easily find where money is being lost from inefficient fuel use while taking into account vehicle specifications, driving style, driving conditions, time of day (e.g. deliveries during rush hour), altitude and other factors.

  • Analysis of true operational cost factors to understand link between asset utilization and cost optimization
  • Included fuel and maintenance with detailed diagnostics data (e.g. brake pad replacement versus driver behavior/ excessive load)
  • third party data inputs (e.g. fuel card integration)
  • Advanced management dashboards

Workforce Optimization

Scope telematics solutions optimize your workforce with advanced planning and scheduling of fleet and mobile resource jobs and tasks based on operator defined criteria and neural network technology. Scope ensures:

  • Better planning due to improved route feedback
  • Better schedule management and cost control
  • Improved customer service with real-time route updates

Driver Safety

Safe drivers equal cost savings and accident minimization.

Leveraging our wide range of patents, Scope monitors and captures driver behavior, analyses it and provides online notifications, alerts, risk score and analysis to the fleet operator.

Accident Notification and Reconstruction

Scope understands your need to keep a finger on the pulse of your fleet whenever and wherever your drivers are dispatched. Our automated accident notifications and alerts are followed by a comprehensive accident report and reconstruction for a complete driver risk profile based on:

  • Accident location, owner name, age, policy number and contact details
  • Vehicle impact zone and magnitude
  • Speed before and after the accident
  • Accident severity (based on G Rating)
  • Impact zone of the accident
  • Driver behaviour history can also be provided with the report to determine if the driver scoring was a good predictive indicator for that driver