Scope Technology Insurance solutions

Reduce insurance costs for your responsible drivers, and inhibit abuse from the rest, with Scope’s reliable, easy-to-implement telematics solutions for insurance.

As the complete end-to-end telematics solution for insurance companies, car manufacturers and consumers, Scope Technology’s DriveProfiler solution includes hardware, an advanced actuarial platform , claims management support and actuarial support services. It is the only comprehensive insurance telematics solution available on the market.

Our usage-based insurance (UBI) products enable insurers to better manage client risk and encourage safer driving. Patented Advanced Pattern Recognition self-calibrates for highly accurate exception reporting related to driver abuse. As a result, responsible drivers (typically the majority) can enjoy lower insurance costs.

DriveProfiler insurance telematics are a competitively priced , reliable solution designed for claims management support and fraud detection, Pay as you Drive plans, usage-based insurance and vehicle recovery, while meeting various industry requirement. Some of our satisfied partners include Vodafone, Groupama, FBD, and BKI.

The DriveProfiler UBI Difference

Scope DriveProfiler has several key differentiators from other UBI technology and service providers, among them our vast experience, which covers the full spectrum of providers’ UBI needs, from the technology all the way up the value chain to actuarial consulting. In a nutshell:

  • Integrated Driver Scoring Technology for one of the most accurate predictive indicators of claims ratios in the industry
  • Unrivalled knowledge and experience in UBI design, integration, deployment and support
  • Self-calibrating Advanced Pattern Recognition Technology for highly accurate exception reporting related to driver abuse
  • Hardware innovation bringing UBI firmware for integration into automotive tier 1 vehicle platforms, and various after-market devices including an OBDII plugin and battery connect (both self-installed) to covert recovery devices and more advanced fleet management devices
  • UBI Advisory Services providing in-house actuarial capability with unrivalled experience in the development, deployment, and refinement of UBI-based pricing models

Accurate Driver Risk Scoring

Risk scoring forms the heart of any usage based insurance offering, and must be extremely accurate. The DriveProfiler Driver Rating Platform creates a risk score based on driver behavior elements including speeding and harsh braking as well as road type, mileage, intersection count, peak and off-peak driving, day and night driving, weekend or weekday use and more. The information is combined with imported data including claims history, standard GLM measures and traffic patterns to create an overall driver risk score of the utmost accuracy.

Actuarial Support

A UBI solution must be far more than technology, and Scope’s DriveProfiler solution provides end-to-end support including actuarial provision to assist in defining the risk factors and establishing models and periodic reviews.

Claims Management Support and Accident Reporting

Ensuring the safety of your customers and providing them with immediate reliable assistance while minimizing fraud is a top priority. Following an accident, DriveProfiler provides immediate driver assistance, ensures quick and effective claims incident management, and assists in combating accident related fraud.

To achieve this goal, DriveProfiler offers an advanced suite of services including the following:

  • Real-time accident notification to alert Emergency Services, vehicle owner and next of kin
  • Rich and comprehensive accident reconstruction including 3D replay, vehicle impact zone, angle of impact and magnitude, as well as loss adjudicator’s notes and pictures, and policy data.
  • First notification of loss (FNOL)

Third Party API Value-added Services

Wondering what else can you offer your loyal customers? With so many responsibilities, simplifying the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a car will be welcomed. To this end, DriveProfiler includes a full range of useful tools and solutions for maximizing your customers’ experience including:

  • Vehicle log-book
  • Vehicle map position and trip replay on Smartphone and web application
  • Vehicle fault notification
  • Vehicle services notification
  • Web and smartphone reporting as well as personalized video feedback on driver scores and improvement areas
  • 24/7/365 vehicle tracking and response services to react in the case of accident, vehicle theft, panic button activation or other such emergencies

See how BKI has implemented Scope telematics solutions into their UBI offering

To find out more about how DriveProfiler supports insurance company goals and provides peace of mind to both you and your customers visit the driveprofiler site