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JAC Motors & Scope Technology launch the new connected electric vehicle line-up in Brazil

JAC Motors, a Chinese automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer, made history this week with the launch of their new electric vehicle line-up in Brazil. The electric range has five vehicles in total for customers to choose from.  The entry-level model, named the “iEV20”, will be the cheapest full electric car in the Brazilian market at about USD $30,000. In another first, the JAC Motors pick-up truck, named “iEV330P”, is the first fully electric pick-up truck in the world. Jac Motors has a long history of producing trucks and is the first company to deliver a fully electric pick-up truck for the consumer market.

Nicolas Habib, JAC Motors Brazil Managing Director, highlighted the customer experience of driving a fully electric car, “Despite the lack of noise or vibration, and the good performance, these cars have a capacity to withstand a range of 300km. It allows you to recharge the car, more than 90% of the time, at home or at work.  This convenience makes one completely forget the gas station experience, because you don’t need them anymore. Ninety eight percent of the fully electric car customers stated to us that they would never buy a non-electric car again, it is a path with no return to gas or diesel vehicles.”

Nicolas Habib (Jac Motors Brazil Managing Director) Marcelo Julião (Jac Motors Brazil Marketing Director) Cassio Enrico Campos (Scope Technology - Brazil Sales Director)The JAC Motors electric vehicles all include the latest technologies for safety, security, and convenience.  JAC Motors prides itself on producing high levels of design and technology offered at a great value to the consumer.  Scope Technology was selected to supply the next generation of connected car telematics solutions and services for this new lineup of vehicles. 

The connected car solution from Scope monitors the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is serviced in-time and notifies the driver to book their vehicle services and maintenance via the included mobile app. In addition, drivers have Usage Based Insurance (UBI) as part of their ownership experience, providing vehicle insurance and setting the policy rates based on how they drive.  The connected car system monitors how the vehicle is driven and provides feedback to the driver to improve driving behavior throughout the vehicle lifetime. Drivers with better driving habits will benefit from lower insurance rates, up to 20% off their insurance premium, compared to those who are driving more aggressively. The personalized UBI policy is offered in partnership with insurance company, Seguros Sura. 

Marcelo Julião, JAC Motors Brazil Marketing Director, reflected on the technological innovations in the vehicles, “JAC Motors prides itself on offering our customers innovative electric vehicles. Customers expect a connected digital experience and Scope Technology was able to deliver a seamless experience. Scope shares our passion for innovation and digital transformation.”

“We have worked very closely with JAC Motors and Seguros Sura to deliver the best value solutions, innovation, safety, and convenience to our mutual customers,” said Cassio Enrico Campos, the Brazilian Sales Director of Scope Technology. “We’re honored to be part of this launch and excited to provide innovative and advanced technologies that redefine the vehicle ownership experience for the Brazilian market.”