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Transforming Drive Into Your Advantage

Discover Scope’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) solutions, where cutting-edge telematics meets personalised insurance offerings. Our UBI solutions leverage real-time data to create more accurate and fair insurance premiums, enhancing driver safety and insurer-client relationships.

Empowering Dynamic Engagement
and Smarter Risk Management

Our solutions redefine client engagement and risk management. We enable insurers to develop premiums that resonate with individual driving patterns, significantly mitigating risk. This approach not only sharpens competitive edge in pricing and risk assessment but also deepens customer trust, fostering a culture of safety and proactive customer service.

Our Results


Reduction in
Customer Churn


Reduction in Claims
from Young Drivers


Increase in Customer
Lifetime Value


Reduction in 'Own Damage' Claims Cost per Vehicle

Go Further With Our UBI Products

Harness the power of data with Dinsight Insurance, an analytics and AI platform that transforms data into actionable insights for insurers.

Build your custom automotive ecosystem with QuantiGO, a platform designed for creating new business opportunities.

Engage and motivate your fleet with Gconnect, our unique gamification platform that improves operational performance.

Enhance driver safety & responsiveness with eBeacons, our advanced connectivity tool designed for real-time accident detection & quick emergency response.

Empower your fleet with LifeDRIVE, an intuitive mobile application providing crucial telematics data and enhancing driver engagement for better risk management.

 Automate and enhance the FNOL and adjudication management support. 

Experience a seamless integration between insurance carrier, ERP systems and our UBI products.

Our Solutions

UBI Solutions

Redefining insurance, our UBI solutions transform data into tailored customer experiences, expanding your reach and engagement, and giving you the competitive advantage.

Fleet Telematics

Revolutionising fleet management with technology that adapts and responds, yielding data and analyses that lead to smarter operations and expanded efficiency.

Leasing & Rental

Boost leasing and rental operations with seamless fleet management, precise vehicle tracking, and comprehensive maintenance data for enhanced client satisfaction.


Driving the OEM market forward with innovative solutions that open new revenue streams and enhance customer connections.

We Reach Places You Never Thought Possible


KMs of vehicle driving data


data points from 50+ countries


driving exceptions


accidents processed

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