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Since the company founding in 1998 Scope’s mission has been to pioneer the next innovation in technology in-order to better solve customer challenges. Scope is a very R&D and data driven company, always testing and innovating new solutions. As a result of this drive we have had many firsts in the market, starting in 1999 when the world’s first vehicle with real time vehicle telemetry hit the roads. We also developed the first Usage Based Insurance product to hit the market in 2008.  Additional firsts and patents include: self-calibrating three-axis accelerometer; impact site recognition for immediate retrieval and notification of vehicle accident impact zone, magnitude, angle and other crucial data; and intuitive, responsive Web and mobile management dashboards incorporating the latest technologies.

In our 20-year history our mission of innovating hasn’t stopped. This year we will bring to market several new exciting technologies.  Our vision is to continue serving our customers with innovative and complete solutions that can help our customers quickly deploy valuable services that generate revenue, increase customer loyalty, reduce accidents, and increase good driving behaviors.