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Transforming Drive Into Your Advantage

Discover Scope’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) solutions, where cutting-edge telematics meets personalised insurance offerings. Our UBI solutions leverage real-time data to create more accurate and fair insurance premiums, enhancing driver safety and insurer-client relationships.

Transform Vehicle Assessments with eMager

The eMager platform is redefining the standards of vehicle damage assessment. Utilising advanced AI technology, this tool provides automated, accurate, and quick vehicle inspections. Designed for efficiency, eMager supports a frictionless customer journey, offering cost-effective solutions for vehicle damage assessment and faster claim processing.

Mobile Scanning

Vehicle Identifier

Damage Assessment

Repair Engine

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Core Features To Benefit Your Operations

AI-Powered Inspections

eMager offers the next level of vehicle inspection accuracy through AI algorithms. It performs detailed damage analysis, ensuring precise assessments while minimising manual errors.

Streamlined Claims Processing

eMager accelerates claims processing with instant assessments, facilitating quicker responses, and improving customer satisfaction in post-accident scenarios.

Seamless Integration

eMager seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing operational workflows without the need for extensive restructuring.

Streamlined Repair Cost Analysis

Take advantage of automated repair cost assessments enabled by an advanced rules engine integrated with vehicle and parts suppliers.

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