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  • Customer-Centric
    UBI Platforms

    Tailored insurance experiences with lower premiums and improved safety.

    Extensive Data Capture Options

    Device-agnostic solutions for all types of data capture devices.

    Superior Actuarial Modeling

    Collaborative and expert-driven risk assessment models.

    Enhanced Client Engagement

    Customer campaigns to positively influence behaviour and boost loyalty.

    Advanced Claims Management

     Innovative technologies for efficient claims processing.

    Emergency Call Beacons

    eBeacons for enhanced user safety.

    Automated Damage Assessment

    Leveraging AI in analysis of images to detect damages. 

  • Device-Agnostic Telematics

    Versatile data capture methods, from devices to OEM Cloud.

    VAS Platforms for Revenue Growth

    Revenue enhancement and customer retention for OEMs.

    AI-Driven Claims Management

    Streamlined vehicle assessment using AI technology.

  • Comprehensive Fleet Solutions

    Addressing operational and regulatory challenges in fleet management.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Solutions designed to meet legislative standards.

    Customisable White-Labelled Services

    Empowering operators to offer branded solutions.

    Operational Efficiency

    Incentivised campaigns for improved fleet management.

  • Diverse Product Suite

     Includes Mzone, Dinsight, Gconnect, LifeDRIVE, QuantiGO, eMager, and eBeacons.

    Customisation and Flexibility

     We offer more than solutions; we listen, solve, collaborate, partner, and tailor them to each industry's specific needs.

  • Proven Track Record

     Successful case studies with major clients and industry leaders in their own right.

    Long-Term Industry Innovation

    25 years of pioneering in the
    automotive industry.

    Commitment to Data Privacy

    Adherence to stringent data sharing laws and transparency.

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