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Transforming Drive Into Your Advantage

Discover Scope’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) solutions, where cutting-edge telematics meets personalised insurance offerings. Our UBI solutions leverage real-time data to create more accurate and fair insurance premiums, enhancing driver safety and insurer-client relationships.

Swift Data-Driven Decision Making

Mclaims transforms accident management by providing real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) upon the occurrence of an accident, leveraging telemetry data and an advanced rules engine. It promptly notifies the insurance carrier, emergency services, and other relevant parties.

FNOL Engine

Incident Dashboard

Accident Information

3D Reconstruction

M-Claims, laptop screen

Core Features To Benefit Your Operations

Real-time Intelligent Notifications

 Swift, automated alerts efficiently consider accident location and severity, ensuring that the right parties are promptly notified. This empowers you to take control of accidents in real-time, reducing costs and facilitating immediate dispatch of emergency services based on severity.

Enhanced Accident Reconstruction

Gain access to detailed analysis and 3D contextual reconstruction videos that provide a comprehensive view of accidents, aiding in accurate adjudication and fraud prevention.

Efficient Claims Adjudication

Mclaims empowers you to cross-reference information from various sources, improving your ability to determine accident causes accurately and reducing fraud risks.

Holistic Accident Understanding

Advanced 3D reconstruction videos display traffic, weather, telemetry data, and more, offering a complete view of accidents from 3 minutes prior to impact.

Injury and Deformation Estimation

Mclaims provides estimations of vehicle deformation and the likelihood of physical injury, facilitating better claims assessment and decision-making.

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