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Transforming Drive Into Your Advantage

Discover Scope’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) solutions, where cutting-edge telematics meets personalised insurance offerings. Our UBI solutions leverage real-time data to create more accurate and fair insurance premiums, enhancing driver safety and insurer-client relationships.

Transform Your Fleet Operations with Mzone

Step into the future of fleet management with Mzone – a platform beyond the conventional. Tailored for the most demanding fleet and logistics operators, Mzone is your key to unlocking efficiency, safety, and advanced operational control. 

This SaaS platform, hosted securely across multiple EU-based Tier 1 hosting enterprises, is GDPR compliant and device agnostic, making it a versatile and reliable choice for your fleet management needs.

Predictive Modelling

Profile Builder

Analytics Workspace

Revenue Modelling

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Core Features To Benefit Your Operations

Route Planning & Optimisation

Revolutionise your fleet's route management with cutting-edge technology, offering advanced route diagnostics, and personalised reporting, empowering data-driven route optimisation.

Real-time Tracking & Status Updates

Stay informed with real-time tracking of assets, providing comprehensive trip and data history for well-informed decision-making and efficient operations.

Fleet Maintenance Module

Maximise fleet uptime and reliability with customisable maintenance schedules and detailed reporting, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.


Improve driver operations with real-time guidance systems and performance profiling tools, enhancing driver performance and safety.


Optimise fuel consumption and operational efficiency by monitoring critical sensor data, including fuel levels and other vital information.

Analytics and Reporting

Utilise over 45 advanced analytics-driven system reports, custom report creation tools, AI modelling, and Dinsight Fleet analytics to gain actionable fleet operational and performance insights, driving improved fleet performance.

Flexible Integration & Branding

Get a modular open architecture with seamless integration into third-party systems, supported by extensive APIs. This empowers you to tailor the platform to your brand's unique identity, ensuring a cohesive and customised user experience.

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