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Transforming Drive Into Your Advantage

Discover Scope’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) solutions, where cutting-edge telematics meets personalised insurance offerings. Our UBI solutions leverage real-time data to create more accurate and fair insurance premiums, enhancing driver safety and insurer-client relationships.

Boost Customer Engagement Through Integration

Mconnect redefines vehicle connectivity, offering a centralised platform with advanced API integrations for a seamless experience. It facilitates the creation of intuitive, consumer-facing services by streamlining complex system interactions, enhancing both operational efficiency and user engagement.

Centralised Integration

End-User Onboarding

Program Management

Data Privacy Manager

Laptop, M-Connect Middleware

Core Features To Benefit Your Operations

Robust & Secure API Infrastructure

Benefit from a highly reliable and secure API infrastructure that offers smooth integration with your internal and external platforms, fortified with advanced security protocols.

User & Account Management

Streamline user and account setup with a centralised, efficient management system, enhancing the user experience for consumer-facing services.

Access & Authentication Mechanisms

Provides robust and flexible access controls, including native and Single Sign-On (SSO) options, for enhanced security and user authentication efficiency.

Telematics & Driving Behaviour Data Access

Facilitate easy access to detailed driving data, from trip logs to driver performance metrics, enabling actionable insights and improved driving experiences.

Gamification & Rewards Data Access

 Enhance user engagement by effortlessly integrating gamification results and reward data into consumer applications, fostering a more interactive and rewarding user experience.


Offers a versatile platform for managing notifications, integrating seamlessly with various channels like third-party systems, email, and mobile push notifications, for prompt and reliable communication.

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