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Scope delivers actionable insights to fleet managers that improve the bottom line.

Innovative solutions built on 20 years of expertise in the fleet domain on multiple continents. Scope is attuned to the industries growing challenges and evolving needs. Fleet solutions, for large and small fleets, that leverage the latest technology and are geared towards addressing all the business needs from operational to regulatory compliance.

Scope’s Fleet Telematics Solution

End-to-end mature fleet telematics solution

Open architecture that allows for extensive integration with business software

Adheres to regulatory fleet compliance

Device agnostic platform (BYOD)

Powerful insights from the fleet AI and Big Data platforms

Leading fleet management solution to transform your business.

Feature Rich

Mobile applications

Operations dashboard & dispatch module

Analytics platform addressing fuel, maintenance, and operations

Scope delivers all the actional insights and information you need to manage your fleet more efficiently.

Fleet Operator Benefits

Increase vehicle usage efficiency

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Preventive maintenance alerts, fix it before it breaks

Optimize drivers and supporting staff operations

Improve driving safety & reduce loss

Scope keeps vehicles on the road, reduces down time, and helps the fleet run at a high efficiency level.

Business Solutions

Synergies with core activity

White labeled service to empower fleet operator’s to deliver solutions to their fleet customers

Consulting and professional services for Enterprise fleets to enrich the offering

Creating new revenue streams

Scope’s fleet telematics solutions are built for business with 20 years of experience in the industry.

We turned to Scope because we were looking for a fleet solution to improve our bus system and raise our operating standards. Not only is our public happy, we’ve also been able to cut costs and made our buses a lot safer to drive.

Fleet Operator

Scope helps fleet operators transform their vehicles to a smart fleet operation

Fleet Telematics Results

Optimize fleet operations efficiency

Improve driving behavior

Reduce accidents and save fuel

Live insights to the status and location of your fleet

Why Scope Technology?

Scope Technology has been delivering solutions to fleet operators across the globe for 20 years. Our solutions provide the information and actionable insights that operators need to manage small, and large fleets alike, while reducing costs and optimizing efficiency.